Monday, November 10, 2008


I can't believe I have let this much time pass between posts! I have been busy with a sick husband and a kid that only wants to be with Daddy. Poor guys! I am working away on my back-tack contribution. I want to get it mailed off to make sure it arrives by the first week or so of December. I had a moment of panic the other day and somehow thought that I had missed the deadline! whew!
So my thanks are these:

1)I am so thankful that we are in good financial health. We could not have done things better in the last two years than if we had KNOWN the economy was going south. Thank goodness.

2)I am grateful for warm mugs of tea on cold mornings. And it is finally cold here! yay!

3)I am thankful for my teeny house because it makes me very mindful of what I bring in since I don't have space for much. Usually things in our house are things we love because of this.

4)I am thankful for the gift of relative good health. The beginning of this post notwithstanding I am happy that we are able to fight off most illnesses with the only real consequence being a missed day at work or two.

We are truly blessed! Have a great morning!

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