Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We are feeling the blahs over here. Daddy has bronchitis, I have a hideous fever blister and our daughter is slightly overtired and cranky. I am looking for some sort of magic door that I can use to slide out of here and into a lovely hotel where a nice soft bed and room service await me. Anyone? When will teleportation be a reality??? I don't car about my flying car just make it so I can magically appear anywhere in 5 seconds. *sigh
See what happens when I'm thankful for health?? ;)

Today's thanks X 2 :

I am thankful for warm covers and soft beds. Even if they are invaded by small people and animals from time to time.

I am so thankful for all the military families who sacrifice so much for all of us. I hope that in the future they may be not stretched so thin and they have all the support of our countries resources when they come home. Thank you.

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Karalea-Karalea said...

I love your "thankfuls!" So inspirational and contemplative. Get well soon!