Thursday, January 8, 2009

getting better!

Much better yesterday and today. I'm heading off to a new job tomorrow and I'm excited. It should be fun! I haven't had an office job since before my daughter was born. I remember the first time I had an office. I am such a sucker for office supplies and I loved decorating it. Sadly my old job was insane so the office, while nice, was no match for the evils of working there. This job will be so nice since I can come in and work and then just go home! No worrying or taking the work home with me.

The email situation is still going well. I am planning to go through my archives to clean out more old mail. I want to get my labels cleaned up since I have mail from 2001 in there. I'm using a program called Gmail Backup to make a file of old mail and then I'll be deleting most of it from the server. I'm currently using 1631 MB (22%) of your 7282 MB allotted. I want to get that down to the mail I might actually want to search and keep on the server. I'll report on the Gmail Backup program and how it works for my mail.

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