Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anxiety is not your friend

...or my friend either for that matter. I finally realized today that I was in the throes of a pretty massive anxiety attack. I know it seems like I should recognize it by now but sometimes it's really hard to separate all the noise in my head to see the component parts. Oddly once I know that I'm having an anxiety attack it's much easier to get over it. When I file all the pieces in the right spots I can just ride it out and know it's my brain chemistry screwing with me. So tonight I'm heading off to bed early and I will hopefully be better tomorrow. :)

The inbox is remaining empty and it's pretty easy (so far) to keep up the maintenance. I think the key is to go ahead and clean everything out and then try to keep it that way. Again, we're only a few days in but I'm still feeling pretty good. About the email anyway. ;)

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