Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why is it that my daughter only gets sick on Wednesdays?

It's a little weird. Oddly it's a good day for her to BE sick since it's the one day I don't usually have anything to do. :) Maybe she's just considerate.
I've been crafting Halloween stuff. I made my daughter's Batgirl cape. It was surprisingly easy. I am NOT a great sewer but straight lines seem to be my forte! I am busy planning my back-tack package. I like to list everything all out and then list the supplies I'm going to need. Then I check everything off as I go. It's a little anal but it's the only way I get anything done right!
I'm heading off for early voting! Yay for Georgia's ease of access to early voting. It's been really popular here. We might be able to turn this red state blue! Or at least purple! :)

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